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#لا_سبيل_ للتغيير_دون...فن

I was exited when i took part in this program and i was so delighted to make this video because no one can deny that art has an important role in changing the reality and the society well, irealy bellive in that because art has changed my life. and if I didn't follow the art's path I think i would've lost my talent, i would've not discovered this world .. i would've lost myself and today, as an artist I can say #No_Way_For_Change_Without_Art
4 th.
omar ben amor
Dec 03, 2014
Score : 68
Upload: Dec 03, 2014

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So nice presentation, but I didnt like the topic. Not good enough for this competition

you fagoot this is politics not a dancing competition

إبداع بلا حدود استاذ مروان بلغيث اتمنى لك التوفيق

very nice

جميل،ابداع وتميز

tabon mok ch had chi

fucking shit where is politics

I disagree, we can change only by changing our behaviors and our education


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