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ماريو نادر صليب - مصر #DD26

اعارض تدريس التربية الدينية في المناهج الحكومية لسبب دستوري وحقوقي المدربه فاطمة حمدي لم اشارك من قبل
5 th.
ماريو نادر
Mar 30, 2017
Score : 77
Upload: Mar 30, 2017

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المهم نلاقي اللي يسمع .. رأيك يحترم يا ماريو

فعلا من اكبر المشاكل هى التسليم الديانة من الاب للابناء و يبقوا مصييرين مش مخييرين

Nice point of view.. He talked about a topic which I want to talk about before

Keep up My Dear

I support this

i really agree with him as he is understanding what he said ... perfect poi t of view

Very good opinion and will help in solving many problems

This guy has a important overview of religion problem in this time, i support him proudly.

Very Good Opinion.

go on

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