Friday, May 15, 2015

Speakers for

George Alam (Lebanon)
Tarek El Amrani (Morocco)

Speakers against

Sihem ben Sidrene (Tunisia)
Mariem L’Heni (Tunisia)


Nisreen Abu Dayyeh


Tunis, Tunisia


Modern Standard and Maghreb Arabic

About this Debate

As the world approaches the fifth anniversary of the Arab revolutions, Munathara takes a look back at the impact of the revolutions with #DD15 on the motion: “The Arab World was Better off Before the Revolutions.” As the region faces continued war and violence in Yemen, Syria, and Libya and renewed authoritarianism in Egypt, is it time to say that the revolutions have failed? Or, was 2011 only the being, leading to an on-going revolution that will take years to come to fruition? To answer these questions, and many more, #DD15 features well-known Lebanese political commentator and write George Alam alongside Muasabaqat Munathara winner Tarek El Amrani from Morocco arguing for the motion, and Tunisia activist Sihem ben Sidrene with fellow Tunisian and the other Musabaqat Munathara winner Mariem L’Heni.

The debate started with an audience vote: 65% for the motion - 35% against the motion

The team against the motion won the debate, the audience voted in the end of the debate: 56% for the motion - 44% against the motion