Saturday, December 19, 2015


  • Ranine Zarouq (Tunisia)
  • Ahmed Gamal (Egypt)
  • Omar ben Amor (Tunisia)
  • Moneim Ouertani and Yassine AlAhmidi (Tunisia)
  • Ahmed Salem Ahmed (Mauritania)
  • Amani Hassan (Sudan)
  • Waciny Laredj (Algeria)
  • Nujoum Al Ghanem (UAE)
  • Lama Zakharia and Ghadeer Abeido (Jordan)
  • Ameen Hameem (Yemen)
  • Ahmad Kaabour (Lebanon)


Asma Al Haj


Istanbul, Turkey


Formal Arabic

About this Debate

Munathara's annual year-end event brings together contributions from artists and speakers from all over the Arab world, focused on a single topic. Contributions ranged from song to dance to poetry to speeches, all speaking to those in power. Held 19 December 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey in the historic Sirkeci Train Station, once a stop on the Orient Express, #DDX2 featured 6 performances by extraordinary youth, alongside 5 senior opinion leaders, all focused on this year's theme: #AndThisISayToThoseInPower...