How do I participate ?

How I participate ?

So you saw our debate motion and want to share your opinion? 

First, use your phone or PC camera and record a video that is 99 seconds long maximum; describing the arguments supporting your position in regards to the motion in Arabic. 

To upload your video to the Musabaqua, just follow these steps: 

1- Create an account on You can also login using your social media or Gmail account. 

2- Check your email for the verification email. (Some Emails are automatically directed to spam) 

3 - Enter your password and finish creating your account 

4 - Find the competition you want to participate in and hit the “upload video” button

5 - You’re all set and waiting for votes.


What do I benefit ?

In brief, you will represent the previously unheard voices in the region. You will be a beacon of hope that can change the world for the better. You will be able to defend your point of view against politicians, opinion leaders and decision makers. You will have the opportunity to go head to head with them in front of a live audience and on live television on an equal footing and with equal speaking time. You can get to show that you have something to say and deserve to be heard.

How do I earn points ?

You earn 50% of points through votes. We help you by inviting our social media audience to see your video, but it is your arguments and ideas that would drive them to vote. The other 50% are reserved to a panel of  judges, composed of journalists, artists and debate professionals trusted by the Munathara Initiative.

How do I increase my score ?

Make sure to be direct, clear, relatable and to look directly at the camera. Be creative with arguments and try to simplify concepts and convince using arguments.

Good luck.