Job Opportunities



Communications Manager

based in Tunisia (open to all nationalities)

REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Communications, including marketing, public relations, advertising, and social media 

POSITION DESCRIPTION: This energetic, creative, and self-directed professional serves as the Munathara Initiative’s (MI) chief communications strategist and manager, overseeing all communications, marketing, branding, and outreach efforts for the organization. S/he is responsible for devising and implementing short- and long-term strategies for all communications and marketing activities to help support the organization’s strategic goals. As the Communications Manager, s/he reports directly to the COO and is part of the organization’s executive management team.

Roles and Responsibilities:


·   Develop and implement MI’s communications strategy

·   Set branding guidelines for MI that are in line with its mission, vision, and strategy

·   Undertake the necessary monitoring and evaluation activities in order to determine and to ensure the success of the communications and marketing strategies

·   Contribute expertise in the areas of media and online engagement and public outreach to MI’s overall strategic planning


·   Coordinate and manage the development and production of all communication materials for MI and its programs to effectively support the advancement of MI’s mission and vision

·   Oversee, write and edit all communication documents including publications, communication materials, press releases and edits official letters, nominations letters, and award letters relevant to the work of MI.

·   Prepares invitation letters for senior opinion leaders and politicians who take part in MI’s television programs

·   Oversee the production of all print materials, publications, RFAs, project documents, and reports.

·   Participate in planning, coordinating, and executing communication products and publications related to MI’s events.

·   Prepare key messages for the organization to be used for marketing and communication purposes.

·   Coordinate and manage public outreach and events to promote MI programs and activities.

·   Lead the management of all events of MI including lectures, forums, conferences, ceremonies, and celebrations.

·   Ensure the development and implementation of guidelines, policies, and procedures for any events done by programs ranging from conferences to workshops

·   Set the visibility guidelines throughout the grant-making process and follow up with the grantees that MI requirements are met. 

·   Spread knowledge about MI programs and activities through traditional, online, and social media and MI’s website to convey MI’s mission to diverse constituencies.

·   Ensure that the MI website is updated and regularly enhanced by posting MI’s announcements, prizes, screenings, articles, blogs, videos, and other relevant content, and by overseeing the website to ensure quality.

·   Develop print materials and branding strategies for employees’ use.

·   Ensure that all MI output, including publications, articles, press kits, and key correspondence copy, is in line with MI's branding guidelines.

·   Set and implement an internal communication plan to promote MI’s activities and programs within MI.

·   Assist in updating and developing MI’s presence on social media networks.

·   Develop new and creative communication streams, including podcasts and videos.

·   Oversee the development and management of database systems for communications & digital marketing.


·   Build relationships and contacts with relevant print, broadcast, and online journalists throughout the Arab world.

·   Review MI’s work and publications regularly in order to identify possible stories, then undertake proactive media engagement, including writing press releases and pitching feature articles.

·   Respond to all media inquiries in a timely and accurate fashion.

·   Organize press conferences as required.

·   Produce media briefings (press kits) for press conferences and events as required.

·   Arrange media interviews for MI staff and draft briefings for them when appropriate.

·   Ensure that all MI media coverage is recorded for dissemination internally and for staff research purposes.

·   Offer periodic training and communication coaching to staff at MI in media skills and dealing with the press in a general way.

·   Draft a periodical newsletter on MI’s activities


·   Recruit, train, motivate, and manage the department staff (and volunteers where appropriate) to assist in carrying out the above responsibilities.

·   Develop and administer a tracking system for all of MI’s interactions with the press and members of the public.

·   Serve as MI spokesperson to the media and for the public.

·   Write speeches for MI’s events when needed.

·   Develop objectives and KPIs for managing the teams and measuring their achievements – Implement management by objectives and evaluation by deliverables system

·   Develop the annual communications, marketing & outreach budgets and identify and monitor resources required to achieve stated goals.

·   Develop and implement a “loop of information sharing” among all staff, ensuring that communication is positive and constructive

·   Represent MI to stakeholders, friends, partners, and the public.

·   Complete other duties as assigned by the CEO.

Qualifications and Skills:

·   Bachelor’s degree in communications or marketing.

·   At least five years' experience in senior communication positions (preferably in the non-profit sector).

·   Exceptional written communication skills in Arabic and English, with the ability to adapt style to suit different communications media and audiences.

·   Excellent interpersonal skills.

·   Leadership skills

·   General understanding of the not-for-profit sector.

·   Enthusiasm for new opportunities presented by blogging and social media.

·   Creative and innovative approach to communications and branding.

·   Experience of web content management systems


Outreach Manager - Regional


About the outreach department

Munathara’s outreach department oversees the Initiative’s debate workshops operation. To reach Arab youth who may not readily have access to the Internet, we operate an on-the-ground training program across North Africa and the Middle East, implemented by a network of several dozen facilitators based inside the countries. Underrepresented citizens are thus given an opportunity to attend debate training sessions and may take part in a current Musabaqat Munathara, for a chance to be selected as a participant for a televised live debate. Outstanding youth debaters are at the heart of Munathara’s mission and remain in close contact with the outreach department long after their participation.



The Outreach Manager will be responsible for leading the department’s strategy, objectives, and guidelines, overseeing its successful implementation across 15 countries. The chosen candidate’s role will also comprise leading train-the-trainers workshops, the management of the trainers’ network, and quality assurance for regional workshop activities. She or he will supervise a small team of outreach coordinators and guide staff to ensure smooth operations across all countries. The candidate will devise a detailed work plan for the project, monitor the progress of country programs, and analyze statistics and participant surveys to continually improve the program. As well as ensuring the accomplishment of training in terms of both qualitative and quantitative, moreover, the manager will conduct team-building activities for the purpose of professionally developing outreach staff. As Munathara’s most immediate channel to communicate directly with youth on the ground, the outreach department is critical for Munathara’s work. The chosen candidate must, therefore, be intimately familiar with the Initiative’s mission and theory of change. The post is for a two-year appointment, with a negotiable start date.


Key Responsibilities

  • Leading Munathara’s outreach strategy and making sure that the department advances the organization’s mission
  • Planning and overseeing training activities in 15 countries, with occasional travel for quality assurance
  • Implementing train-the-trainers workshops and recruiting participants from various parts of the Arab world 
  • Guiding the outreach staff members when they need help and making all key decisions for the department
  • Regularly liaising with Munathara’s regional trainers' network through in-person meeting and phone calls
  • Drafting manuals and guidelines for trainers, with the support of department staff
  • Managing the outreach coordinator’s tasks and ensuring that they report to the manager on their ongoing work
  • Reporting to Munathara’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) during weekly calls
  • Meticulously focusing on strategy implementation and strict quality assurance
  • Working on team building and professional development of outreach department staff
  • Sending weekly written reports to the COO and coordinating with the outreach coordinator before doing so
  • Continuously improving Munathara’s outreach program by regularly taking in feedback from trainers in the region
  • Leading partnerships and initiating collaborations across the Arab world with NGO’s, advocacy groups, and CBO’s 



Skills, Qualifications, and Experience


  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in program management, capacity building or the field of youth training, with at least 2 years in a management role
  • Candidates with Arab or international experience strongly preferred 
  • Highly professional, proactive communicator
  • Impeccable command of and spoken and written Standard Arabic required
  • Verbal fluency in Mashreq Arabic and a solid working knowledge of English are required
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Outstanding communication and people abilities
  • University degree required



Communications Coordinator



The Communications Coordinator handles a number of vital tasks that primarily revolve around networking and organizing contacts databases, media relations, marketing and promotion of Munathara’s work, writing and generating the content, editing, and graphic design. 
The Communications Coordinator is a member of the Communications Department’s team and he/she reports directly to Munathara’s Communications Manager.


  • Contribute to promoting Munathara’s mission and activities among the target audience and potential participants, as well as media outlets
  • Receive, respond to and follow up on media requests, especially before, during and after debates
  • Monitor and document media coverage of Munathara’s events
  • Prepare text and graphic material for Munathara’s newsletter 
  • Compile contact lists, and create, expand and update contact databases for the Communications Department and for Munathara
  • Prepare and update MailChimp lists
  • Circulate Munathara’s newsletters, invitations to debates, invitations to Musabaqas (online debate competitions), press releases, and other items as required
  • Come up with ideas and generate content for Munathara’s blog, with contributions from participants in Munathara’s debates and workshops; and from Munathara’s alumni, fellows, trainees, and staff members
  • Create and update press kits to be provided to journalists during Munathara’s debates and events
  • Design and create debate-specific graphics to be used in emails and invitations that are circulated to promote Munathara or recruit the audience to its events
  • Write press releases, invitations, and other communications-related material as needed
  • Write the Communications Department’s reports, including monthly monitoring and evaluation reports, and other reports as needed 
  • Check and respond to the Communications Department’s email accounts



  • A bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, political science, international relations or a related field
  • Deep understanding of the media landscape across the Arab world and internationally 
  • At least three years of experience in journalism, media relations, communications and public relations, editing and writing, or a related field
  • Excellent command of written and spoken Arabic and English – French would be an asset
  • Excellent writing and editing skills in both English and Arabic, with a keen eye for detail 
  • Passion for debate and for Arab and global political and social issues
  • Superior communication and networking skills
  • A wide network of contacts among Arab and international media and political circles 
  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment 
  • Able to work in a multicultural environment and with team members across multiple time zone



TV Producer

Key Responsibilities:

- Producer to join the Munathara team to be responsible for all production aspects from the planning, writing of the script to the final production, and editing.

- Formulates debate topics. 

- Prepare the scripts and run down for each debate and show.

- Recruits the Opinion leader.

- This position supervises the editorial team of the debate and the moderator. 

- The Producer will Provide Control Room with critical information regarding the timing, content, and execution of live shots while the program is on-air and will assure that all additional production details are completed, including graphics, chyrons, etc

- He/She Incumbent will coordinate with the communication  department to implement and create the debate promotion and will evaluate the program to see if it met objectives

- Provides editorial direction for the debate while communicating with the Moderator via earpiece during the live TV broadcast.

- Work closely with the Production Manager, and the Executive Producer.

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience:

- Strong Arabic and English verbal and written communication skills.

- Experience in copy editing and/or line production.

- Ability to communicate ideas clearly, is calm under pressure, able to make tight deadlines and work well with talent, co-workers, and production personnel.

- Ability to develop a pitch or current show into relevant executed content.

- Understanding of editorial principles, technical matters, TV, and digital marketing.

- Good organizational skills and the ability to oversee projects from conception to delivery.

- With at least 5 years of proven journalism experience.



Project Manager


Role of the Project Manager:

The Project Manager will be tasked with implementing a strategic new program covering North Africa and the Middle East. The ideal candidate will have experience organizing events in the region, previously worked in a non-profit or development context, and is intimately familiar with the dynamics of national politics and the electoral context in various Arab countries. The chosen candidate will have superior organizational and problem-solving skills and will work closely with Munathara’s Founding CEO and Chief Operating Officer to advance a long-term, multi-country strategy and mapping effort for the Initiative. Consistent with the Initiative’s regional mandate, and in an ongoing effort reflecting the social diversity of the Arab world among its own staff, Munathara particularly welcomes applications from female candidates based outside the Maghreb region for this role. The position is based in Tunis (negotiable based on further conversations).


Key Responsibilities:

  • Developing partnerships with stakeholders across the region from the fields of government, civil society, and the academy
  • Research, actors mapping, and risk analyses for 10-12 Arab countries 
  • Drafting of comprehensive reports and strategies for each country
  • Organization of a conference with guests from the target countries, including all logistics
  • Regularly liaising with Munathara’s outreach, communications, and television departments to advance program goals
  • Tracking activities and spending
  • Monitoring and evaluation 
  • Assisting in drafting a comprehensive strategy (in collaboration with Munathara’s CEO and COO)


Skills, Qualifications, and Experience:

At least 8 years’ experience in managing projects in the development field (required)
University degree in international relations, political science, development, or related field
Native-level proficiency in modern standard Arabic and English (both required)
Experience in organizing and implementing events with participants from multiple countries
Thorough attention to detail
Proactive, entrepreneurial spirit, able to think creatively to solve problems
Excellent team worker


Application Process:

To apply, candidates should submit the following to no later than 20 July 2020. In the subject line of the email include your last name and the position to which you are applying.

  • A resume (2 pages maximum)
  • Motivation letter 
  • Contact information for 2 references

Following a review of the application documents, short-listed candidates will be notified by email and invited to interview with Munathara staff. For this strategic position, we may ask finalists to take assessment tests. 

The Munathara Initiative is an equal opportunity employer. Female candidates and representatives of minority communities are highly encouraged to apply. The position is open to nationals of any country.