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Sep, 07 2019

Tunisia airs first 'great debate' ahead of presidential poll

Days before the first round of Tunisia’s presidential election, the fledgling democracy presented the first of three nights of televised debates between the candidates on Saturday, a rarity in the Arab world.

Sep, 07 2019

Presidential: Tunisia to the rhythm of unprecedented evenings of televised debates

Tunis (AFP) - A week before the first round of its presidential election, Tunisia has been living since Saturday evening to the rhythm of three major evenings of televised debates designed to allow its citizens to choose between 26 candidates, an extremely rare democratic initiative in the Arab world.

Sep, 05 2019

Presidential election in Tunisia: will the media be up to the task?

Since the revolution, radio and television have been learning independence step by step from politicians and businessmen who own certain channels.

Dec, 03 2012

Dr.Bashar Haidar talks about Munathara's debate (#DD7) on the topic of “Arab unity”

Dr.Bashar Haidar and Abdel Bari Atwan will be debating on the topic of “Arab unity” during the next debate #DD7 hold by The Munathara Initiative.

NYT Belabbes Benkredda
Apr, 18 2012

Gulf States Cast Dim Eye on Reform After Tumult

Belabbes Benkredda founded Munathara, the Arabic word for debate, in Tunis. A post-Arab Spring Tunisia has created a hospitable legal environment for nongovernmental organizations.