The Road to Cartage Tunisia Decides - Presidential Debates


Second Presidential Debate: First round - Tunisia 2019


Mongi Rahoui
Elyes Fakhfakh
Hechmi Hamdi
Abdelkrim Zbidi
Sghaier Ennouri
Hamadi Jebali
Lotfi Mraihi
Hatem Boulabiar
Mohsen Marzouk


Iheb Chaouch & Khouloud Mabrouk





About this impact

Electoral debates are one of the most important elements in the democratic process because they contribute to enlightening voters' choices, making candidates accountable to their people and establishing a culture of debate in Tunisia. The Munathara Initiative and the Tunisian Television launched the electoral debates program "The Road to Carthage - Tunisia decides"

"The Road to Carthage - Tunisia Decides 2019” is the first presidential debate program in the history of the Arab world and will support an important pillar of democracy. The debates were broadcasted live and simultaneously on a large number of public and private Tunisian media, making it a historic moment that will remain engraved in the memories of all Tunisians. All candidates were invited to debate about topics related to the prerogative of the president. Three debates took place on September 7, 8 and 9, 2019

The participants debated over three major axes: national security, foreign relations, and a general question. After that, each candidate was granted 99 seconds to deliver their electoral promises. These shall be the starting point to a new debate held within 99 times of taking office. This aims at measuring the extent of commitment by the candidates to their promises and enact a major principle of democracy which is accountability.