What is Maydan ?

Maydan is a new Munathara project that will bring debate to the streets and squares of the Arab world. 

Maydan is Munathara's latest program. Its ambition is to bring the Arab public sphere – which Munathara fosters digitally, through workshops, and on television – to the physical realm and allow citizens outside to hear public expression of common concern. Unlike London’s Speakers Corner, which provided some inspiration for the project, Maydan follows Munathara’s logic of solution-oriented debates. Just as in #DDX, a hashtag represents a recurrent thread that informs all contributions, which are capped at 99 seconds. Only speeches are permitted at this point. For now, we’re focusing on local community issues. We’ve run a pilot in Tunisia and hope to expand Maydan to other countries soon. Check out the first Maydan videos in this section.