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Oct, 13 2019

Tunisia Elections: Tunisians head to polls for second round


Tunisians are heading to the polls for a second round of presidential elections. The runoff is between two political novices Kais Saied and Nabil Karoui. The two presidential candidates faced off in a rare TV debate, which has already written a new chapter in the country's history. Aksel Zaimovic reports from Tunis.

Sep, 08 2019

Tunisia airs first 'great debate' ahead of presidential vote

Three nights of televised debates between the presidential candidates are a highlight of the election campaign.

Sep, 08 2019

Class Council: Note the first presidential debate in the history of Tunisia!

Let us decipher the performance of each candidate but also that of the organizers and journalists.

Sep, 08 2019

Presidential: Tunisia to the rhythm of unprecedented evenings of televised debates

A week before the first round of its presidential election, Tunisia has been living since Saturday evening to the rhythm of three major evenings of televised debates designed to allow its citizens to choose between 26 candidates, an extremely rare democratic initiative in the Arab world.

Sep, 08 2019

Tunisia. The television debate between the candidates for the presidency kicks off

This is the first time it has happened in the Arab world. The debate between the 26 candidates for the Presidency of the Tunisian Republic, broadcast live on unified networks, started yesterday evening at 21.00 (ol) in the studios of Télévision Tunisienne 1.