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Sep, 23 2020

The Munathara Initiative's new program"Zaama" (Ar)

Amal Jerbi DDX Project Manager talks about the Munathara Initiative's new program"Zaama".

Sep, 23 2020

Zaama project

Ahmed Abid, the Munathara Initiative senior communications coordinator, to talk about the #ZAAMA debate project on the English language program with Hayet Toukebri.

Sep, 20 2020

Zaama: A new youth oriented television show (Ar)

After the success of "Tunisia Decides" in cooporation with the Tunisian National Television, The Munathara Intitiative launches its new project "Zaama" aimed at youth between the ages of 16 and 35..

Oct, 13 2019

Tunisia Elections: Tunisians head to polls for second round


Tunisians are heading to the polls for a second round of presidential elections. The runoff is between two political novices Kais Saied and Nabil Karoui. The two presidential candidates faced off in a rare TV debate, which has already written a new chapter in the country's history. Aksel Zaimovic reports from Tunis.

Sep, 08 2019

Tunisia airs first 'great debate' ahead of presidential vote

Three nights of televised debates between the presidential candidates are a highlight of the election campaign.