#DDX is Munathara’s special end-of-year event and flagship program. Harnessing the powerful nexus between artistic expression and social change, it provides a platform for youth, artists, singers, dancers, and performers of all kinds to come together and share their visions for progress in the region.

Dec, 23 2014

Most of Munathara’s debates feature two sides – for and against – arguing two different sides of a motion. But, often topics are not so black and white. So, what about a third opinion? And all the other opinions? That’s what #DDX is about.

Jan, 13 2018

#Holool featured 6 performances by extraordinary youth, alongside 3 senior opinion leaders, all focused on the theme

Feb, 25 2017

#DDX3 is Munathara’s biggest event of the year.

Dec, 19 2015

Munathara's annual year-end event brings together contributions from artists and speakers from all over the Arab world, focused on a single topic. Contributions ranged from song to dance to poetry to speeches, all speaking to those in power.