#DD20 مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي تضر أكثر مما تنفع

Social media does more harm than good


Asma Al Haj


Amman, Jordan


Formal Arabic

About this impact

Attitudes to social media vary greatly on the role played in our daily life; this role is amplified each passing day as social media becomes one of the most effective ways to communicate with individuals all over the world.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have gained more attention from all social classes, and has created a place where everyone can discuss political and social issues, express their thoughts and opinions, and make new friends and connections. But has it also limited in-person interactions and fostered an environment where people feel empowered to bully others behind the safety of their computer screen?

Regardless of the effects, negative or positive, social media is a reality of our daily lives.

The debate started with an audience vote: 30% for the motion - 70% against the motion

The team for the motion won the debate, the audience voted in the end of the debate: 35% for the motion - 65% against the motion