On the 10th year of the revolution, some believe the current political system has succeeded in preserving political balances; It stood impregnable and immuned the country from the return of a dictatorship.


The Middle East has been rocked by a series of violent conflicts over the past several years involving thousands of foreign fighters traveling to support different extremist groups.


Religion plays a large role in current public school curricula in Arab countries throughout their different stages.

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As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year, the Syrian people still seek a solution to resuscitate their country, return its soul, and hope that this will stop the bleeding wound.


#DDX2 will feature some of our region's greatest talents, both well-known and emerging stars. Here we are featuring our well-known talents in expressing their thoughts on #AndThisISayToThoseInPower


Today, we as Arabs are not OK. Our societies live through a traumatic period of crises, and look towards an uncertain future. Our hope is our youth, who today have never been more world-conscious, sophisticated and creative.


The crisis in Syria has affected not only Syria, but the entire Middle East. Perhaps the most damaging legacy of the war has been the human dimension.


After the high expectations brought by the "Arab Spring", the Arab world is divided: there are those who believe that the region is at the mercy of Western conspiracies and those who no longer doubt that the problems plaguing the Arab world are caused by the Arabs themselves.


#DD16: “Arab countries should use science to determine a single start date of Ramadan." 


#DD15: “The Arab world was better off before the revolutions." In light of the current developments in the Arab world, in particular in the revolutionary countries, the Munathara Initiative is asking the question: Was the Arab world better off before the revolutions? What do you think?


#DD14: “Freedom of speech has no limits."
In light of the current events that rocked the entire world in the recent weeks, the Munathara Initiative is asking the question: Should Freedom of speech have any limits or restrictions?


#DDX inspires new solutions based on your ideas. Submit a video of up to 99 seconds about the change you want to see, and why. Start your submission with the hashtag #ThereWontBeChangeUnless, followed by your idea and the reason why it is your priority for change in the Arab world.