The 'Munathara Initiative' has organised, in partnership with the Establishment of Tunisian Television, the final debate of the second round of the Tunisian presidential elections between the candi

#Election Debates

Electoral debates are one of the most important elements in the democratic process because they contribute to enlightening voters' choices, making candidates accountabl

#Election Debates

#Holool featured 6 performances by extraordinary youth, alongside 3 senior opinion leaders, all focused on the theme

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Impact TV

Sep, 30 2016

Did the Left manage to change Arab societies to establish equality and justice for all? Did the Left create a general umbrella, under which all complications and contradictions of the region can co-exist?

Jun, 04 2016

"I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

May, 17 2016

Attitudes to social media vary greatly on the role played in our daily life; this role is amplified each passing day as social media becomes one of the most effective ways to communicate with individuals all over the world.

Apr, 04 2016

‫#‏حلول‬ featured 6 performances by extraordinary youth, alongside 2 senior opinion leaders, all focused on theme: ‫#‏لا_ حلّ_للمأساة_السورية_إلاّ

Dec, 19 2015

Munathara's annual year-end event brings together contributions from artists and speakers from all over the Arab world, focused on a single topic. Contributions ranged from song to dance to poetry to speeches, all speaking to those in power.

Nov, 19 2015

The crisis in Syria has affected not only Syria, but the entire Middle East.

Oct, 18 2015

As the Middle East and North Africa has faced a time of turmoil - with revolutions, transitions, and wars - a new and fierce battle is being waged between Arab states and the Islamic State (ISIS).

Oct, 04 2015

After the high expectations brought by the "Arab Spring", the Arab world is divided: there are those who believe that the region is at the mercy of Western conspiracies and those who no longer doubt that the problems plaguing the Arab world are caused by the Arabs themselves.

Jun, 18 2015

Every year, more than 2 billion Muslims celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. But every year, there is confusion about when it begins.

May, 15 2015

As the world approaches the fifth anniversary of the Arab revolutions, Munathara takes a look back at the impact of the revolutions with #DD15 on the motion: “The Arab World was Better off Before the Revolutions.” As the region faces continued war and violence in Yemen, Syria, and Libya and renew