Debating Our Destiny (DOD), a New Project by the Munathara Initiative

The Munathara Initiative (MI) organized an internal orientation session on Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 in Tunis ahead of the launch of our upcoming project, Debating Our Destiny.

The Munathara Initiative team discussed the various aspects and impacts of the DOD project. MI Founder and CEO, Belabbes Benkredda attended the session virtually from our HQ in Washington, D.C. to elaborate on the multiple aspects of DOD and the missions and visions of the six projects attached to it. 

The Munathara Chief Operating Officer, Fadwa Zidi, introduced the Munathara team to the DOD project, its objectives, philosophy and operations timeline. While Matt Gordner, the Munathara Initiative’s Chief Strategist, explained the monitoring and evaluation criteria for the DOD project walking through different activities’ possible risks and mitigation procedures.   

In general, DOD aims to empower youth, women, and marginalized communities (YWM) across Arabic speaking communities in 15 countries, including: Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Yemen, and diaspora communities in Turkey, France and Germany.